Wag It Better Dog Training

We teach you positive training techniques using whatever motivates your dog to work, (treats, toys, attention,etc.) as a reward and help you build a strong relationship with your dog so that he/she adores you, respects you, listens to you and is well behaved. Check out all we have to offer at www.wagitbetter.com!

Kylo Ren absolutely loves this place as do we! We feel like family every time we walk in and Kylo Ren feels super special too. Literally won't go anywhere else for treats, clothes, toys etc. 5 stars for sure!!! Everyone is always so sweet.

The Dewberry Dogs are LOViNG all the tasty treats from Wag it Better Boutique!! Thank you for all the time you took to explain the different products to us. Your knowledge and professionalism is phenomenal! We will be life long customers.